Ses'khona: Metrorail promises 25,000 vacancies

The group says Metrorail has promised up to 25,000 vacancies for unemployed youth.

Metrorail Cape Town. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town civil rights group Ses'khona says it's in talks with Metrorail about an employment opportunity for its members.

The group says matric will not be an issue for applying candidates.

The group claims Metrorail has promised up to 25,000 vacancies.

Ses'Khona leader, Andile Lili says those who are competent shouldn't find it hard to find jobs.

"We don't look at a position on the basis of if you are competent to do the work, then why must you be challenged?"

Last month, Metrorail distanced itself from reports about a group scamming unemployed people into giving money in exchange for jobs at the operator.

It was reported the Ses'khona Peoples Rights Movement was behind the scam which involved people first joining the group at a fee of R25.

Metrorail's Riana Scott says they've agreed, in principal, with a community-based organisation to have women and youth clean rail reserves.