'Land invaders' linked to Metrorail petrol bombing

Enkanini residents say they have no other way of getting the attention of authorities.

Remnants of the train that was burnt at the Chris Hani station in Khayelitsha August 21, 2014. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - While some Khayelitsha residents struggle to find alternative transport due to suspended train services in some parts of the township, a local resident has tried to justify the mayhem that derailed Metrorail services.

Angry protestors went on the rampage earlier this week, petrol bombing a train in Khayelitsha.

It's believed the protest stems from anger over recent land evictions in Enkanini.

This Enkanini resident, who doesn't want to be named, says many in the community have no other way of showing their frustrations and Wednesday night protests were aimed at getting the attention of the authorities.

"I stayed outside, my house is gone now. What can I do now? I come from work and I have nowhere to sleep."

Four train coaches were guttered when they were petrol bombed and cables were also damaged and a ticket office was also torched.

A bathroom at the entrance to the station was torched as well.

No injuries were reported and staff and security guards managed to escape the violent chaos.

Metrorail has estimated the cost of the damage at around R8 million.

Meanwhile, people who work at the train station are now helping to clean up the area and the ticket office has been locked for an investigation.

Last month, the rail operator was forced to shut down its central line for three days after vandals had cut signal cables, an incident the company labelled an act of sabotage.

The Rail Commuters Action Group (RCAG) says there are almost daily reports of vandalism on various railway lines in Cape Town.

All Pictures: Thomas Holder/EWN