ANC, EFF up the ante after parly chaos

ANC claims EFF wants to sow destruction, but EFF claims ANC is protecting Jacob Zuma.

The EFF's section in Parliament. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are still trading verbal blows this morning, with the ruling party claiming the EFF only wants to sow destruction and anarchy, and the opposition party claiming the ruling party is only trying to protect President Jacob Zuma.

Yesterday National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete had to adjourn the session, after EFF Members of Parliament refused to sit down, following questions from their leader Julius Malema to Zuma around his Nkandla home.

At one point it appeared as if riot police were going to forcibly remove EFF members from the house.

The ANC's Zizi Kodwa said, "They drive an agenda that undermines our democracy so Parliament must defend its integrity by imposing sanctions that will deter such behaviour from happening again."

But Malema says it's the ANC who is damaging our democracy.

"If there's anyone who disrespects democracy, Parliament and the laws of this country it's the ANC."


The EFF says it will not conform to the ANC's rules of Parliament and says it will introduce a new method of fighting for accountability in Parliament.

"The rules they want us to comply with won't work, those points of order, points of procedure, matters reserved to committee are useless methods which are used as delay tactics."

The EFF leader has responded to claims by the ruling party that his party are rebels out to cause anarchy and destruction.

Malema says the ANC is frustrated because for the first time in the history of democracy, they are facing a real opposition party.

"The ANC is in for a serious shock. Yesterday was just the beginning and we are going to teach them a lesson because they are taking democracy for granted."

The firebrand politician says it's the governing party who is damaging democracy.

Malema has defended his party's conduct and says the ANC is in for a shock.

"What happened yesterday was part of our policy which is cardinal pillar number seven that states an accountable government. Let's hold government accountable."

Earlier, the ANC issued a statement on the behaviour of the EFF and said, "This is an act of rebels masked as Parliamentarians who are committed to hijacking our democracy".

The ruling party said the EFF isn't in Parliament to resolve or to engage robustly to solve any problem, but there to cause destruction anarchy.

"They use and hijack Parliament and legislatures as laboratory's for political adventurism. We call on Parliament to wake up to this reality and defend its integrity". The statement read.

Yesterday Mbete called security to eject EFF parliamentarians after they began chanting "Pay Back the Money" at the president, who's been directed by the Public Protector to refund a portion of the millions spent upgrading his Nkandla home.

"When are you paying the money because the Public Protector has instructed you to pay the money? We want the date," EFF leader Julius Malema asked.

"Point of order," an ANC Member of Parliament (MP) interrupted.

"This thing of point of order is what you [Zuma] hide behind, because every time a report is brought, you say point of order," Malema said.

Parliament is now considering what sanctions to impose on the EFF, while the party's leader, pledged to keep up the fight until Zuma is held accountable.