Cops, residents clash in CPT's Marikana informal settlement

Police & residents armed with stones have been clashing in Philippi East in CPT.

Hundreds of Marikana informal settlers in Phillipi East, Cape Town clashed with police amid ongoing mass evictions in the area on 22 August 2014. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Residents of the Marikana informal settlement in Philippi East are fighting back as shacks erected on private land are being broken down.

There are scenes of chaos in the area as police officers clash with enraged informal settlers.

Police have been lobbing teargas at defiant residents. Rubber bullet casings can be seen lying on the ground, evidence of the intermittent violent clashes between community members and officers.

Chaos and confusion reign while dozens of semi-demolished shacks expose their occupants' belongings.

Several structures are still intact and hundreds of angry residents seem determined to keep it that way.

They've engaged in several running battles with officers who have at times been outnumbered by angry shack-dwellers throwing stones at them.

All pictures by EWN.