ANC: EFF are a threat to democracy

The ANC says the EFF are masked as Parliamentarians who are committed to hijacking SA's democracy.

Policemen break up a scuffle between EFF MPs and ANC members at Parliament in Cape Town on Thursday, 21 August 2014. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC has issued a statement on the behaviour of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Parliament yesterday.

"This is an act of rebels masked as Parliamentarians who are committed to hijacking our democracy".

The ruling party said the EFF isn't in Parliament to resolve or to engage robustly to solve any problem, but there to cause destruction anarchy.

"They use and hijack Parliament and legislatures as laboratory's for political adventurism. We call on Parliament to wake up to this reality and defend its integrity".

The ANC continued to say that Parliament therefore, must not allow itself to descend to a kindergarten and betray the hopes of our people.

Yesterday, EFF members staged a sit in at Parliament which resulted in Speaker Baleka Mbete suspending proceedings.

She called security to eject EFF parliamentarians after they began chanting "Pay Back the Money" at President Jacob Zuma, who's been directed by the Public Protector to refund a portion of the millions spent upgrading his Nkandla home.

"When are you paying the money because the Public Protector has instructed you to pay the money? We want the date," EFF leader Julius Malema asked.

"Point of order," an ANC Member of Parliament (MP) interrupted.

"This thing of point of order is what you [Zuma] hide behind, because every time a report is brought, you say point of order," Malema said.

Parliament is now considering what sanctions to impose on the EFF, while the party's leader, pledged to keep up the fight until Zuma is held accountable.


Malema says his party's actions are about holding the president and the government to account and has accused Parliament of protecting the president.

The EFF's Members of Parliament weren't the only unruly ones during yesterday's drama in Parliament.

During the sit in ANC staff tried to force their way into the chamber.

"Get out of the house," An MP said.

"We are tired of the EFF." Another added.

The firebrand politician says they wanted Zuma to say when he'd pay back some of the public money spent on his Nkandla home.

"We sat in because we wanted answers and those who didn't want to give us answers went outside."

Malema says his party will continue to shake up Parliament saying it's so far failed to hold the president accountable.

Video: Disruption in Parliament.