Fears of Ebola outbreak in Nigeria

A strike in Nigeria has seen thousands of doctors being fired.

FILE IMAGE: A man stands next to a tent set up to treat Ebola patients on 12 August, 2014 in Monrovia. Picture: AFP.

UNITED STATES - As the death toll from the Ebola outbreak continues to rise in West Africa, A US-based Nigerian doctor who runs medical humanitarian missions in the country says he's deeply concerned about the risk of a full-blown epidemic in his home country.

At least five people have died of Ebola in Nigeria and there are fears an outbreak there could fuel the global spread of the virus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has put the latest death toll at 1,350 in Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Vincent Ohaju's Non-Governmental Organisation, The Voom Foundation, runs training and medical missions to Nigeria from the US.

He's worried about the country's ability to deal with a full-blown epidemic because of a strike that's seen thousands of doctors being fired.

"The hospitals are world class standard hospitals but at least get them open."

Ohaju believes Nigeria must act urgently to get its health facilities back up and running.

"It is very concerning to me because what does that say to the patients who should be in the hospital? Unless they can afford to be in the private hospitals."

Nigeria has already reported 15 suspected or confirmed Ebola cases and almost 170 more people are under observation.