Zuma breaks promise to EC schools

Eastern Cape schools still don't have furniture or adequate infrastructure despite a promise by Jacob Zuma.

There is still no furniture at some Eastern Cape schools, despite an assurance by President Jacob Zuma. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - An Eyewitness News investigation has found that a number of Eastern Cape schools still don't have furniture or adequate infrastructure, despite a promise by President Jacob Zuma that this would be addressed by the middle of August.

The president told the nation during the opening of Parliament in June that the education problems would be dealt with in the province.

He said, "Furniture will be delivered in all Eastern Cape schools by the middle of August 2014."

Eyewitness News visited the Eastern Cape, to find out if this promise had been met, but found mud huts for classrooms and no furniture at some schools.

Pupils at the Samson Primary School near Mthatha are forced to share desks and chairs in overcrowded mud classrooms, due to a lack of basic resources.

Despite the president's promise, nothing has changed at the school in the Mtombe village.

Teachers have described what they call terrible conditions under which children are taught.

"We don't have desks for learners. Three learners have to use only one desk."

The teachers say they are still waiting for Zuma to deliver on his promise.

"They promised to fence the school and build six classrooms."

The basic education department says it will conduct an audit of how many schools have received furniture in the province so far.