Witnesses: Taxi owners were ambushed

Residents have details how a 30 minute firefight started as soon as rival taxi owners arrived in the area.

One of the bodies from today's shooting still lying next to a taxi at the Palm Springs Mall. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Residents in Orange Farm have given details of a 30 minute firefight that started as soon as rival taxi owners arrived in the area earlier on Monday, killing four people.

Seven people were also arrested in the shootout at the Palm Springs taxi rank in the southern Johannesburg township.

Forensic experts are now at the scene and two weapons have been recovered.

There are hundreds of people still at this scene and some say the taxi owners were ambushed.

A man says the shots started as soon as their taxi pulled into the rank.

He says it lasted for around 30 minutes.

One dead body is still lying near a taxi while more spent cartridges have been recovered by forensics.

Police have also impounded two taxis and confiscated two firearms.

The South African National Taxi Council claims over 61 taxi bosses and drivers have been gunned down nationally in the last two years.