Assange intends leaving Ecuadorian Embassy in London

The Wikileaks founder says he will leave the Ecuadorian Embassy "soon".

FILE: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addresses the press and his supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Faced with the real prospect of immediate arrest, Julian Assange says he will leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London "soon" after spending around two years isolated in the building.

Assange has been avoiding extradition to Sweden where he faces allegations of sexual assaulting two former Wikileaks volunteers.

The Wikileaks founder has denied the claims saying he had consensual sex with his accusers.

The Australian was arrested in Britain in December 2010 and has been fighting extradition ever since.

Assange fears he will ultimately be extradited to America after being sent to Sweden.

Wikileaks, the whistleblower website Assange founded, has drawn the ire of the American government and security community for posting US diplomatic cables in 2010.

This morning Assange said, "Being detained in various ways in this country without charge for four years and in this embassy for two years which has no outside area, therefore no sunlight… it is an environment in which any healthy person would find themselves soon enough with certain difficulties."

He added, "How can it be that such a situation in Europe arises where a person is held and their freedom of movement restricted and they are kept from their family while a foreign government, the US, builds an ever larger case against that person and their organisation?"

Assange has also claimed the rape allegations were previously dropped and the matter was resurrected by the Swedish government.