Outcry after British supermarket halts kosher food offering

Anti-Israeli protests have been taking place outside supermarkets across Britain.

A British supermarket was attacked by supporters of Gaza wanting kosher food to be banned. Picture: Wikipedia.

LONDON - A British supermarket has withdrawn its range of kosher food after a rival's branch was attacked by supporters of Gaza in the Middle East conflict.

Anti-Israeli protests have been taking place outside supermarkets across Britain with supporters wanting a ban on products coming from the country.

One such gathering outside a store in Birmingham at the weekend spread inside and led to substantial damage.

The entrance to a rival supermarket in London was also targeted by protesters and fearing it too would be attacked, the manager emptied its kosher food section.

Social media quickly spread the news and the supermarket was condemned for being spineless despite its founding family being Jewish.

The story follows reports of an increase in anti-Semitic attacks around the world and the controversy around Joshua Broomberg, a pupil from King David Victory Park who was photographed wearing a Palestinian scarf.

Meanwhile, a Palestinian solidarity group earlier this month started a social media campaign calling for consumers to boycott local retailer Woolworths and other retailers which import products from Israel.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) last week sent out its call in a newsletter and on Twitter, using the hashtag #BoycottWoolworths.

Since then, the group of South African consumers taking part has grown.

The campaign says Woolworths imports several products from Israel including figs, coriander, litchis, plums and mangoes.

One of the ways in which BDS has urged consumers to react in stores is to take Israeli-made products through the cashier and then refuse to pay for them - forcing the sale to be reversed.

BDS has also urged protests at stores and has encouraged demonstrators to engage with Woolworths staff to inform them of their alleged wrongful practices.