SA gay marriage proposal goes viral

Brett Lotriet Best went to great lengths to propose to his 'Star Trek' obsessed boyfriend.

A YouTube video of Brett Lotriet Best’s proposal to his 'Star Trek' obsessed boyfriend has gone viral.

JOHANNESBURG - A YouTube video of a South African man's proposal to his Star Trek obsessed boyfriend Khalid Shawwa has gone viral across the globe and has been hailed by many as the best gay marriage proposal ever.

South African director Brett Lotriet Best wanted to find an innovative way to pop the question to Shawwa, a massive fan of Star Trek's Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and went to great lengths to do so.

In the video, Best holds up signs explaining the background of the proposal and his relationship with Shawwa, otherwise known as 'Mookie'.

One of the signs reads, "We all know how you feel about Star Trek's Captain Picard. So I searched the galaxy for Patrick Stewart and finally asked his best friend for help!"

When Best didn't manage to track down Stewart, he asked Stewart's best friend Sir Ian McKellen to step in.

Mckellan breaks the bad news to Shawwa that Stewart is already married - he was the minister at the wedding.

"Khalid, I've got bad news for you," McKellen says in the video. "It's good news as well, but the bad news is that Patrick Stewart is married. I married him - well I was the minister at the wedding. The good news is that Brett is available. So think it over and do the right thing."

After hearing that Shawwa said yes, McKellan wrote on his Facebook page that he's glad to hear "that Khalid did the right thing."

Best is the director of Miracle Rising, a documentary tracing South Africa's difficult path to freedom and democracy.

The documentary is told through the narratives of world-renowned figures such as Bill and Hilary Clinton, Charlize Theron, Desmond Tutu, Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg.