Taegrin’s aunt dies of ‘broken heart’

The family of Rachel Kok says she couldn't cope after her four-year-old nephew's death.

A photograph of Taegrin Morris is strung to a fence outside his home. Picture: Dineo Bendile/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The aunt of four-year old Taegrin Morris, who was dragged to death by hijackers through Reiger Park, has died.

The family of Rachel Kok says she died on Wednesday afternoon after suffering a heart attack.

The family says she couldn't cope with the trauma of her nephew's death.

Morris was dragged to his death when hijackers sped off with his mother's vehicle while he was still stuck in the seat belt hanging outside of the car.

The suspects fled while his mother was trying to unstrap him.

His body was later found next to the abandoned vehicle.

Kok's daughter, Layken Littler, says her mother was deeply affected by the boy's death.

"Yesterday before the ambulance came to fetch her before she passed away, she told me that she can't take the fact that Taegrin is no longer here. She feels like she is about to die."

Despite police offering a R100,000 reward for any information on the case, the killers remain at large.