'Hero doctor' treated 100 Ebola patients

Doctor Sheik Omar Khan was the country’s only Ebola specialist who ended up dying from the disease.

FILE:A nurse wears protective clothing as he demonstrates the facilities in place at the Royal Free Hospital in north London on 6 August 2014, in preparation for a patient testing positive for the Ebola virus. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - A doctor in Sierra Leone is being called a hero after treating more than 100 patients diagnosed with Ebola.

Doctor Sheik Omar Khan was the country's only Ebola specialist and he ended up dying from the disease.

His family says when the deadly virus first hit West Africa they pleaded with him to come home.

Khan's brother Ray says the doctor was alone in his fight.

"I'm a little bit angry. You just have to expect that from me because there are a lot of things the government should have done to mitigate this widespread of this dreadful disease."

Liberia and Sierra Leone are using their armies to enforce states of emergency isolating regions affected by the Ebola outbreak.

Death toll in four West African countries is approaching 950.

Liberian troops are stopping all movement from the Ebola-hit western region into the capital Monrovia.

In Sierra Leone the security forces have now imposed a complete blockade of eastern areas hit by the deadly haemorrhagic disease.

Towns isolated by these blockades are beginning to experience food shortages.

Experts at the World Health Organisation in Switzerland are discussing a response to the outbreak.

They'll decide by the weekend whether to declare a global health emergency to stop the spread of one of the deadliest diseases known to humans.