#blackface debated on Twitter

Tuks students wore clothing stereotypically associated with domestic workers and painted their faces brown.

Two Tuks students are facing discliplinary action after pictures of them dressed up with black faces emerged on Facebook. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Two Tuks students facing disciplinary action, are also now at the centre of a widely debated issue on Twitter today.

Their clothing stereotypically depicted domestic workers and their smiles indicated they thought the dress up was a joke.

But the university's Nicolize Mulder says Tuks management isn't laughing, describing the conduct as completely unacceptable.

Wits Diversity Studies professor Melissa Steyn says blackface dress up is inherently racist.

"In many ways it's really like a visual equivalent of a racist joke. It's part of a tradition of mocking black people."

Writer and race commentator T.O. Molefe says this demeaning portrayal of black people is well documented.

"This is a gross caricature of the prototype black female body. People should just read up on the history that is available and just educate themselves to understand."

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