'Blackface' students face disciplinary action

Disturbing images of Tuks students dressed as black domestic workers emerged on social media.

Two Tuks students are facing discliplinary action after pictures of them dressed up with black faces emerged on Facebook. Picture: Supplied to EWN

PRETORIA - The University of Pretoria has moved swiftly to institute disciplinary steps against two female students after pictures emerged showing the women dressed up as black domestic workers.

Tuks management was alerted about the pictures after a student saw them posted on Facebook.

They have since been deleted.

With their faces smeared with brown paint and pillows stuffed into their pants, to make their butts look bigger, the two women posed for the camera.

They are wearing clothing stereotypically associated with domestic workers and their smiles seem to indicate they think this dress up is a joke.

But the university's Nicolize Mulder says Tuks management isn't laughing.

While the pictures were taken at a private party, because the women are registered students, disciplinary action will be instituted against them for allegedly bringing the name of the university into disrepute.

She says the institution will not tolerate any form of promotional racist behaviour and described the conduct in the pictures as completely unacceptable.

Neither of the students from the Madelief residence responded to questions.

Meanwhile, Tuks students and members of the public have taken to Twitter to express their views on the 'blackface' pictures.

So this #StudentRacism/ #Blackface should be swept under the carpet because we don't wanna be "too sensitive"?

I've seen a lot of racist kind of situations being swept under a carpet at UP and I wasn't even a student there! #blackface is not ok!

Blackface is masked racism. There's nothing amusing about it. Nothing fun[ny] about portraying racist stereotypes and hiding behind humour

The #StudentRacism issue means we're finally going to talk about Schuster performing in blackface like it's nothing? Good. Thanks @PhemeloR

This #blackface thing gon make me catch a case! When will white folk stop degrading black people! First we're dogs, spat on and now this!

People bringing up Leon Schuster movies to defend #blackface as if we all like that guy...

"Is blackface acceptable?" It's too early Jesus. pic.twitter.com/ir1wSXtu40