Shark bite victim in recovery

Matthew Smithers was injured when a shark attacked him at Muizenberg Beach last week.

The victim of a shark attack at Muizenberg beach on Friday afternoon has been airlifted to hospital and is in a stable condition. Picture: Zain Johnson

CAPE TOWN - A surfer who was bitten by a Great White shark at Muizenberg Beach is still recovering in hospital.

Matthew Smithers suffered injuries to his leg when the shark attacked him on Friday.

The City of Cape Town's shark expert Gregg Oelofs says Smithers is expected to remain in hospital for some time.

"They keep victims of shark attacks for a little while because the main risk is infection as a result of the bite. When you've been bitten by a shark there's a reasonable risk of infection from the bacteria in the shark's mouth."

Smithers had multiple lacerations to his lower limbs, some of which were deep lacerations and an avulsion to the left thigh.

A member of the public began first aid treatment on the scene prior to the arrival of paramedics.

At the time of the incident shark spotters were flying the black flag and a bystander approached them to say they had seen a fin in the water.

The incident took place when the shark siren was in the process of being activated.

Based on eyewitness accounts, it's believes a great white shark bit the man.

Shark Spotters and law enforcement officers closed Muizenberg Beach.

But the beach has since been reopened.