Maqubela's legal team woes continue

Thandi Maqubela is considering whether to represent herself after being dumped by her lawyers.

FILE: Thandi Maqubela looks weak and dizzy sitting on a bench, head down, breathing heavily during the murder trial of her husband, acting Judge Patrick Maqubela. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Convicted killer Thandi Maqubela is considering whether to represent herself during sentencing amid being dumped by her private lawyers and attempts to confiscate her assets.

She was found guilty last year of killing her husband, acting Judge Patrick Maqubela in 2009.

Sentencing proceedings were due to get underway in the Western Cape High court, but instead her lawyers announced they'd withdrawn from the case over funding issues.

Maqubela has to make a choice and has been given until the 29 September to do so.

She could represent herself or hire legal aid.

Maqubela's also made known her intention to apply for bail ahead of sentencing, a move Judge John Murphy's said he doesn't favour.

At one point, while struggling to hear what Murphy was saying, she pointed to her ear and revealed she'd been assaulted in prison.

Maqubela is also facing having her assets confiscated after prosecutors launched an application with the aim of taking back her share of her murdered husband's estate.