Metrorail cancels busiest WC line

Cable signals were badly damaged and has thrown the service into disarray.

FILE:Hundreds of Metrorail commuters are waiting on platforms at Cape Town station hoping trains will arrive. Picture: Mia Spies/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Disgruntled Metrorail commuters say the cancellation of the busiest line due to vandalism has cost them a lot of money.

On Wednesday morning cable signals were badly damaged on the Philippi line on which thousands of commuters travel daily, which has thrown the service into disarray.

Tens of thousands of commuters, from Nyanga, Mitchell's Plain, Khayelitsha and Cape Town, have been hard hit by the incident.

Metrorail has urged commuters to make alternative travel arrangements.

Commuters say they already had monthly tickets and now they have to cough up even more for taxis and buses.

"We must buy tickets and there are no trains. We use our money to take alternative transport."

"I use a weekly coupon for the train and now I have to travel with a taxi and it's money on top of what I had planned."

The parastatal's Richard Walker said it will require a mulitimillion rand operation to repair the line.

He remains confident, however, that the perpetrators will be caught.

Meanwhile, Metrorail says if vandalism continues on its busiest line it may be forced to cancel its services on the route altogether.