Krejcir case: Judge's safety compromised

Security for Judge Colin Lamont has been amplified after his windscreen was mysteriously cracked.

FILE: Czech fugitive, Radovan Krejcir, smiles ahead of his court case at the Johannesburg High Court sitting at Palm Ridge Magistrates Court. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - As reports emerge of a brazen robbery at the Interpol headquarters in Pretoria, it's understood security for the judge in Radovan Krejcir's trial has been stepped up after a knife was found in a consultation room and his windscreen was mysteriously cracked.

Judge Colin Lamont raised concerns about his safety during Tuesday's proceedings in the High Court sitting in Johannesburg, but would not go into detail about what happened.

It's also been reported a bread knife was found in a consultation room used by Krejcir and his lawyer.

Lamont on Tuesday questioned the Czech fugitive's lawyer about why the knife was in the consultation room, but she replied that it had been left in a box with birthday cake that she had brought to the courthouse.

It's understood police are increasing Lamont's private security after he heard a loud bang while driving on Monday and noticed his window was cracked.

The Times newspaper is reporting that the incident was a suspected drive-by shooting.

Meanwhile, police are also looking into the theft of several laptops at Interpol's head office, one of which is said to belong to the officer who extradited murder accused George Louka.

Louka is currently on trial for killing strip club boss Lolly Jackson.

The police's Solomon Makgale says the investigation is still at an early stage and it's too early to determine what information was on the laptops.

"We still need to determine what the nature of the information was that was contained in the state laptops. It is absolute speculation to say that the information that was taken was for Krejcir and George Louka."