'Full Cabinet business disclosure unlikely'

Cabinet members must disclose all business interests by 15 August.

FILE: Parliament. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC) says it's doubtful if public servants will be truthful in disclosing all their business interests.

Government has announced a 15 August deadline for President Jacob Zuma and his Cabinet to fully declare their business dealings to Parliament.

Spokesperson Phumla Williams says the state is confident all members of the new executive will comply.

ODAC's head of advocacy Alison Tilley, however, is not convinced that all members of Zuma's Cabinet will make full disclosures concerning their business interests.

"What we've discovered is that people don't disclose properly. Secondly if you're paid to do a big job and you're paid a big salary, the best thing is to get on and do that job."

The centre has welcomed the proposed Public Administration Management Bill which has already been tabled before Parliament.

If signed into law, the legislation will seek to restrict public servants' business dealings with the state.