'Taegrin Morris's death must bring change'

David Makhura says the little boy's death should bring hope, peace & change to Reiger Park.

A photograph of Taegrin Morris is strung to a fence outside his home for a march in memory of the boy who was killed in a tragic hijacking, 25 July 2014. Picture: Dineo Bendile/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Premier David Makhura says the death of Taegrin Morris must bring change, peace and new hope to the Reiger Park community.

The four-year-old was laid to rest in Boksburg after his funeral took place in Reiger Park on Saturday.

He was dragged to his death when hijackers sped off with his mother's vehicle while he was still stuck in the seat belt hanging outside of the car.

The suspects fled while his mother was trying to unstrap him.

Makhura says young Morris was a hero.

"The premise of peace has brought us together and united us in grief today to say this community must never be the same after this funeral."

A large crowd of relatives, friends and community members gathered at the grave site and some wept loudly the little boy's casket was lowered into his grave.

The small coffin was decorated with toys, as he loved cars.

Morris's father Alwyn and mother Chantel released white doves as well.