Swaziland nationals denied asylum in SA

Home Affairs says it’s denied them political asylum because there's no political instability in that country.

The Home Affairs Department in the Cape Town CBD. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Department of Home Affairs says it has refused political asylum to two Swaziland nationals on the basis there's no political instability in the neighbouring country.

Only one of the three pro-democracy activists from Swaziland who applied for asylum was successful.

All three activists first applied in 2012 and received temporary asylum permits upon appealing the refusal.

Pro-democracy lobby groups are banned in Swaziland, which has been an absolute monarchy since 1973.

The department's Mayihlome Tshwete says, "We, as a country, cannot predetermine the political stability of a country when by many measures it's not. We cannot say which people should not go back home when there isn't any physical threat to them."