De Lille defiant at arms deal inquiry

Patricia de Lille refused to answer questions on the dossier of arms deal corruption allegations.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN.

PRETORIA - Former Member of Parliament (MP) Patricia de Lille has refused to answer questions on the dossier of arms deal corruption allegations saying she has insufficient knowledge of the claims.

De Lille was testifying at the Seriti Commission of Inquiry in Pretoria yesterday where she discussed the contents of a dossier given to her in 1999.

The inquiry told the former MP it will accept the dossier but will not question her on them because she's merely the messenger.

Question after question, de Lille simply read a line she'd written in her statement to the commission.

"The dossier contains allegations which I believe the commission must investigate but I've never claimed the allegations prove the guilt of any of the people mentioned in the dossier."

Advocate for the defence force, Jennifer Cane grew agitated as the tension escalated.

"I'm going to ask you to answer the question and not repeat the phrase."

"Honourable judge I won't be told what to do but will repeat the phrase until it sinks in."

De Lille insists the allegations have substance and warrants an investigation.

The Cape Town mayor said the dossier was first given to her by concerned ANC MPs 15 years ago.

The senior Democratic Alliance member argued the information therein led to the conviction of Schabir Shaik and Tony Yengeni, and should be viewed in light of President Jacob Zuma's role in the saga.

De Lille told the commission she wanted the president to be investigated fully.

She asked why the former heads of the Scorpions and National Prosecuting Authority were never probed for interfering in the matter.

De Lille said she personally laid charges against Leonard McCarthy and Bulelani Ngcuka in 2009 for alleged undue influence leading to the withdrawal of corruption charges against Zuma.