Jaylen Sculard laid to rest

School teachers have pleaded with government to act decisively against gang violence.

Jaylen Sculard (10) was shot and killed by a stray bullet outside his family home during a gang shooting in Beacon Valley on 17 July 2014. Picture: Abed Ahmed/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Children are also falling victim to violent crime in the Cape.

Teachers of a Mitchell's Plain boy who was killed in a shooting have pleaded with government to act decisively against gang violence.

Ten-year-old Jaylen schulard was laid to rest on Wednesday after being hit by a stray bullet while playing outside his home last week.

The young boy was playing with his cousin outside their home, when a group of armed men started shooting at a suspected gang member.

A somber atmosphere at the Baptist Church in Beacon Valley greeted residents as they came to pay their last respects to Sculard.

He was described as a mischievous and playful boy.

Principal Pauline Rick says his classmates will have to undergo counselling.

"How safe are we? How safe are our children? And at times it becomes overwhelming, but we have a very strong parenting community and very caring as well."

His classmates from Alpine Primary School also placed pictures of him by his coffin.

Community members say they're still shocked by the loss of an innocent child's life as a result of gang violence.

Three men are charged for his murder and are due to make another court appearance next month.