EFF storm Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Julius Malema is meeting with the house speaker to discuss the removal of eight members earlier this month.

Police try to stop members of the EFF from storming the Gauteng Provincial Legislature on 22 July 2014. Picture: Masego Rahlaga/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have stormed the Gauteng Provincial Legislature building in central Johannesburg.

The group is protesting the house speaker's decision to remove eight of the party's members earlier this month.

On 1 July, speaker Ntombi Mekgwe ordered police to remove the group wearing red overalls bearing the phrase 'asijiki' - meaning 'we are not turning back' - as the slogan constituted inappropriate attire.

An altercation broke out between those members and the police, with the EFF accusing the officers of assaulting two of them who were injured.

Today, the EFF marched to the building from Rissik Street to protest the "unfair" treatment.

Some of the group managed to force their way through a closed door at the building and disrupted a meeting taking place between provincial members of the African National Congress and Democratic Alliance.

Several members lined the corridors, singing songs and chanting slogans, saying they would not move until other supporters who were unable to get in were allowed entry.

The members, who were left outside, said they would wait there as long as is necessary.

The march was led by party leader Julius Malema who has asked his members to respect the house while he meets with Mekgwe to discuss the party's demands.