CT immigration officials ‘rude’

An American citizen said she felt unsettled after authorities demanded to see her passport.

FILE: An American citizen says she was with her tourist group when officials abruptly asked for documentation. Picture: Xarene Eskande/Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - An American citizen on Monday said she felt unsettled after immigration officials demanded to see her passport at Cape Town station.

Elaine Cleary was with five fellow Americans when several immigration officials reportedly stopped them.

She claims the officials were rude and demanded to see their passports.

"We are staying in Kommetjie and are working in Ocean View. When we got off the taxi, we got on the staircase into a small area. We were taken to the side by immigration officials who told us very abruptly that we needed to produce immigration documentation."

Home Affairs officials in the Western Cape confirmed authorities conducted routine checks at the station.

At the same time, the department has defended its right to check all foreign national and visitor passports at any time.

The ministry, along with police officials, stopped about 60 people and demanded to see their documents.

Provincial department head Yusuf Simons says, "As the Department of Home Affairs, we have a mandate to enforce immigration legislation."

He added that foreigners must carry their documents with them at all times.