Children's group appeal to boy's kidnappers

Mongezi Phike was taken by a gang of four men in Bronkhorstspruit on Tuesday.

Mongezi Phike was last seen in his father’s vehicle when it was hijacked in Bronkhorspruit. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Missing Children South Africa has sent out an appeal to the kidnappers of a five-year-old boy to return the child unharmed.

Mongezi Phike was taken by a gang of four men in Bronkhorstspruit on Tuesday when they hijacked his father at an intersection along the R25.

The father of the boy is still recovering in hospital after being severely beaten by the gang in the Zithobeni Informal Settlement before they dropped him off along Delmas Road.

The assailants fled with the child and he has not been seen since.

Missing Children's Wendy van Manen gave a description of the boy and the suspect's car.

"It is a dark Nissan Sentra, registration number JYM 465 GP. The boy was wearing a red and white jersey and red track suit pants with white takkies."

Police say the pair was stopped at an intersection on the R25 when they were approached by four men, two of whom were armed.

It's understood the gang tied up the father but later dumped him and fled with the child.

The police's Marissa van der Merwe said the four suspects slammed into the vehicle and also assaulted the father and son.

"Afterwards, they drove off with them on Delmas Road where they dropped the father off and they drove off with the child."

"The police have given out a photo of the child and the vehicle, so everyone is looking out while doing sector policing in each area to look out for the suspect's vehicle," she said.

Missing Children South Africa's Wendi van Manen urged members of the public to come forward if they spot the vehicle registration number.

"Please bring the child back and drop him off at the nearest police or petrol station."