Mandela Day to be celebrated globally

People from around the world are coming together to celebrate Mandela Day.

FILE: People from around the world are coming together to celebrate Mandela Day. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - As millions of people around the world come together on Friday to celebrate Mandela Day, the late statesman's family spoke out about his final days.

Former President Nelson Mandela died in his Houghton home in December at the age of 95.

In an interview with CNN, Mandela's daughter Makaziwe Mandela-Amuah has described her pain by saying the former president suffered as he was kept alive on a ventilator.

Makaziwe says she doesn't understand why his life was prolonged by machines.

"When he breathed that last breath, it was a welcome relief to me. I couldn't take it anymore. There were times I was telling the doctors that enough was enough."

In celebration of Mandela Day, South Africans are encouraged to dedicate 67 minutes to keep their environment clean.

President Jacob Zuma will be leading a clean-up campaign in the Eastern Cape.

Spokesperson to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says he will be spreading the message in Mahikeng joined by a high level government delegation.

"President Zuma called on the nation to embark on a national cleaning campaign of the country's towns and cities."

In New York, a sports field at a school that Mandela visited after his release from prison on Robben Island will be named in his honour today.

Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn was one of the first places Mandela visited when he came to the United States shortly after his release from prison in 1990.

In naming the sports field after him, its hoped that youngsters will be inspired by his legacy of service.

An informal plenary meeting of the trusteeship council at the United nations will also take place in celebration of Mandela Day.