Mpofu wants 'Mr X' to testify in person

Dali Mpofu will launch an application to have Mr X testify in person at the Marikana commission.

Advocate Dali Mpofu is is representing the Marikana miners at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry. Picture: Sapa

JOHANNESBURG - Advocate Dali Mpofu, who is representing the Marikana miners, is expected to launch an application today to have a police witness known only as ' Mr X' to testify in person at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry.

The mineworker has been testifying at an undisclosed location for his own safety.

He claims the miners planned to provoke and attack police officers ahead of the shooting which left 34 people dead in August 2012.

Mr X is expected to be back on the stand today, but will only be seen on a screen at the commission while Mpofu tries to get him to testify in person.

Mpofu claims that Mr X is delusional and was never part of the group leading the mineworkers' strike in Marikana.

Evidence leaders are also sceptical about whether or not he was in fact on the koppie and whether he took part in several murders, including those of Lonmin security guards and police.

Mr X maintains that the miners took muti, believing they'd be protected from the police's bullets and planned to attack them shortly before the officers opened fire with live ammunition.