Mandela remembered

Nelson Mandela's daughter Zinzi says her father would have wanted his family to give back to the community.

FILE: The late former president Nelson Mandela.

CAPE TOWN - Zinzi Mandela is encouraging South Africans to help those in need ahead of Friday's global celebration of her father's birthday.

She says her Nelson Mandela would have been checking up on what his family was doing on his birthday to give back to the community.

Friday will mark Mandela's 96th birthday and is celebrated across the country through initiatives aimed at helping others.

People are urged to give 67 minutes of their time to help others, representing the years Mandela sacrificed in the struggle for freedom.

Zinzi says if her father was still alive, he would have made sure his family was busy doing their bit.

"He would encourage us to instil this culture of voluntary work and giving others. He wanted it to be deeply rooted and for us to spread the message and encourage everyone to participate."

George residents will also be doing their part by taking to the streets to celebrate Mandela's legacy.

The Madiba Run will be held in the area.

The municipality's Sidwell October says the run will be free for primary school children.