SA buckles under financial pressure

An economist fears consumer's pockets won’t ease with recent increases in fuel, electricity & food.

Dawie Klopper fears consumer pockets won’t ease up with recent increases in fuel, electricity & food.

CAPE TOWN - An economist fears the stress on the consumers' pocket will not ease up until the price of several commodities plummets.

The recent increase in fuel prices and electricity tariffs served another blow to already cash strapped South Africans and Dawie Klopper fears it will be some time before the South African consumer will be able to enjoy any relief.

He says a surge in inflation, which stood at 6.6 percent in May, has only fuelled food price increases.

"It's exorbitant how electricity tariffs have an effect on the inflation rate and therefore feeds into the general price level of the country."

Fuel price increases are also battering pockets.

Klopper says pressure on the consumer just to survive is frightening and has called on government to intervene.