'Tutu is the son of Satan'

CDP leader Theunis Botha says the archbishop’s support of euthanasia is “disgraceful.”

FILE: CDP leader Theunis Botha says Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s support of euthanasia is ‘disgraceful.’

CAPE TOWN - The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) on Monday hit out at Archbishop Desmond Tutu after he called for euthanasia to be legalised.

Tutu affirmed in an open letter that should he be diagnosed with a terminal illness and his quality of life seriously deteriorated, he would not want to be kept alive with machines.

In the letter, he said what was done to former president Nelson Mandela was "disgraceful", referring to the family opting to prolong his life with machines.

CDP leader Theunis Botha said some of the things Tutu endorses are shameful.

"To his support for abortion and same-sex marriages, bishop Tutu adds euthanasia to his list of things he supports, that are totally contrary to the word of God."

He went on to say Tutu allowed his desire to be in the spotlight to change him.

"In his desire to be in the limelight, he has become a friend of the enemy."

The CDP leader called Tutu a hypocrite and a son of Satan.

Tutu's stance on euthanasia was however welcomed by some.

Constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos said if the law around assisted dying did change, it would have to be safeguarded.

"It…is for the legislature to pass the necessary legislation," he adds.