Cosatu warns of strike against Metrorail

The strike will go ahead if Metrorail does not heed demands on price increases by Monday.

A group of protesters gather outside Cosatu headquarters in Johannesburg on Friday, 24 May 2013 after the march against e-tolls was cancelled. Picture: Sapa.

CAPE TOWN - Cosatu says it will call on all its members for a mass protest if Metrorail does not reverse an increase on rail ticket prices.

The trade union federation has lashed out at Metrorail, calling the company out on alleged bad service and unreliable trains, while Metrorail insists the price hikes are reasonable and were unavoidable.

But Cosatu's Tony Ehrenreich has threatened that its members will go on strike if Metrorail does not heed to the union's demands by Monday.

"We lose a day's salary when we go on strike. But when we have no other weapons to force our government and the parastatals to take our issues more seriously, then what else can we do.

"We have to show that we are going to impact on the economy and impact on the institutions that are not taking care of us," says Ehrenreich.

But Metrorail says the increase has been approved and is below inflation.