Netanyahu says he won't back down

The Israeli government has vowed to continue its offensive against Gaza.

FILE: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will not back down. Picture: AFP

TEL AVIV - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will not back down and no international pressure will prevent Israel from acting with all its power.

On Friday, the South African government and the United Nations (UN) called on both sides in the conflict to start peace talks.

However, the death toll from airstrikes in Gaza has risen to 118 with 13 people killed overnight.

This comes with the news that rockets are still fired into Israel.

The red alert alarm is blaring in Southern Israel, it has become a familiar sound over the past week, giving Israelis just 15 seconds to get to a shelter before a rocket hits.

On Friday night, two were intercepted over Tel Aviv by the Iron Dome Anti-Missile Defence System.

People stood in awe as the system's missile tracked the record, exploding it in mid-air.

There was a massive bang and a huge cloud of white smoke within seconds.

Around a 140 rockets were fired at Israel on Friday, two civilians were wounded.

More than 680 rockets have been launched since Tuesday and more than a quarter of them intercepted.

Meanwhile, the South African government has urged Israel and Palestine to find a peaceful resolution.

Government says it is troubled about the increasing number of rockets targeted at Israel.

Of greater concern is the killing of Palestinians in Israeli airstrikes.

International Relations spokesperson Clayson Monyela says Israel's threat of ground invasion of the Gaza Strip would further escalate the situation.

He says government has urged the parties to refrain from responding to violence with violence and exercise restraint.

Monyela says a lasting solution lies in serious and genuine negotiations involving all parties.