As Brazil cries the internet laughs

Tuesday’s 7-1 win by Germany over Brazil in Belo Horizonte has left many in tears… of laughter.

A meme making light of Brazils’ 7-1 defeat to Germany on 8 July 2014. Picture: Twitter/@FutbolBible.

JOHANNESBURG - Brazil's stunning 7-1 defeat to Germany in the first semifinal of the 2014 Fifa World Cup last night left millions of the home side's fans in tears. Across the rest of the world, though, we couldn't help but laugh at the remarkable outcome.

Germany right now.. #BrazilvsGermany #WorldCupProblems

By half-time, Germany were already 5-0 ahead.

Brazil as the game went on.. |

Germany netted two more goals in the second half before Brazil made its meagre comeback with one goal in the last few minutes.

Take a look at some more of the funniest tweets, vines and memes to emerge during and after the game:


So many bad jokes about #BrazilvsGermany. Can't take it an neymar.

#BRA seriously needs to call a time out. And a commercial break. And the army. #BRAGER #WorldCup

Germany's goalie right now

#Brazil coach Luis Felipe Scolari brings the breaking news to his team, mid-match

Greetings from Brazil

Brazil ? Nah brother I'm from Ghana! #Pele #BRAvGER #WorldCup

Go home Brazil you're....oh, wait. #BRAGER

LIFT OFF: Man like Jesus Christ... (via @prakashmgurnani)


And this… well, this is just awkward: