Questions surround Pistorius video

Previously unseen footage of the athlete re-enacting the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp has been aired.

A screenshot shows a snippet from Australia's Channel 7's documentary on Oscar Pistorius re-enacting the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp.

PRETORIA - While Oscar Pistorius's legal team is uncertain whether footage of his client re-enacting the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp will affect the murder trial, they may address the court first thing today on the weekend's developments.

Australian broadcaster Channel 7 aired the previously unseen footage yesterday.

It had been recorded by American forensic animation and investigation company, The Evidence Room.

The 'Blade Runner' says he shot the model by accident, while the state maintains it was a case of premeditated murder.

The Paralympian is also facing two separate firearm-related charges and one for the illegal possession of ammunition.

The athlete's attorney Brian Webber said he cannot imagine how any of the footage would not support Pistorius's version of events, but said he still wants to establish exactly what was broadcast.

The footage shows the athlete briskly walking unaided on his stumps while pretending to hold a firearm and screaming as he did on the morning he killed Steenkamp.

The athlete's sister plays the role of Steenkamp, as she is picked up from a bathroom floor and carried down a flight of stairs.

Pistorius remains calm throughput the re-enactment, in stark contrast to his emotional episodes in court at the mere mention of this sequence of events.

The documentary includes interviews with Steenkamp's friends and family, who say the couple fought a lot in the weeks before the shooting.

Pistorius's legal team said The Evidence Room was hired to visually map the crime scene as part of the trial preparation.

To explain why this footage was not used in the trial, the legal team stressed it was used solely for preparation purposes.

They said Channel 7 in Australia purchased the footage illegally.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel might refer to the footage when further questioning Professor Wayne Derman who has described Pistorius as highly immobile with his prosthetic legs on.

The defence team might address Judge Thokozile Masipa on the admissibility of the footage.

At the same time, the athlete's family has described the release of the footage as a staggering breach of trust and an invasion of their privacy.

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