Khayelitsha residents demand housing

Residents have been badly affected by this weekend's cold front with many homes damaged by flooding.

Khayelitsha residents have heavily affected by rainy and cold weather conditions in Cape Town. Picture: Shamiela Fisher/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Cold and desperate Khayelitsha residents say they want proper housing and not relief aid.

City of Cape Town disaster management teams visited the area yesterday to assess storm damage and distribute aid for people affected by heavy rain and flooding.

The cold front has seen many areas of the Western Cape covered in snow with flooding reported in numerous low-lying areas affecting thousands of people.

Residents braved cold, wet weather to repair the damage caused by heavy rain and flooding.

One resident says she hasn't slept since the start of the heavy downpours.

"This area isn't the right place to live because it is situated on wet land. Every year we deal with floods. We don't want food or anything we just want land."

She is one of many residents who have told Eyewitness News they want the city to provide them with decent housing or move them to a tract of land where they won't have to worry about flooding.