Jimmy Tau: Messi needs less pressure

EWN’s World Cup analyst Jimmy Tau believes Argentina need to alleviate some of Messi’s pressure.

rgentina’s forward Lionel Messi during the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Picture: AFP.

RIO de JANEIRO - EWN's World Cup analyst Jimmy Tau believes Argentine skipper Lionel Messi needs to be properly managed during this World Cup if his country is to get the most out of him.

Coach Alejandro Sabella has relied heavily on the Barcelona man's heroics to get them out of the group stages and also into the quarterfinals following Messi's assist to Angel Di Maria against Switzerland.

Tau says his teammates need to try alleviating some of the pressure from the captain's shoulders.

"They depend so much on him in terms of delivery. If he does not score he will make a lot of assists. As a coach you cannot put too much pressure on him because he already has pressure by being the captain of the team."

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