Luis Suarez sinks teeth into Giorgio Chiellini

Luis Suarez was at the centre of another biting storm after bit into the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini.

Luis Suarez was at the centre of another biting storm after appearing to bite into the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was at the centre of another biting storm after appearing to sink his teeth into the shoulder of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during the teams' decisive World Cup Group D game on Tuesday.

EWN Sports reporter Marc Lewis spoke to Udo Carlese Suarez's biting incident.

"It's amazing how these offenses can happen over and over again. Surely something that has happened three times, there needs to be serious sanctions taken against the man." Lewis said.

Meanwhile, Cameroon footballer Alex was handed a three game ban yesterday for striking Croatia forward Mario Mandzukic in the back with his elbow in an off-the-ball incident.

Lewis said, "If Song gets three game bans for an elbow at the back, then Suarez's third bite, which was picked up by the cameras, has to get a five bans.

Suarez and Chiellini clashed in the Italian penalty area 10 minutes from the end of the match and the furious Italian pulled open his shirt to show the mark to the referee.

Fifa rules allow the use of TV footage to punish players for incidents unseen or unpunished by match officials.

Suarez was banned for 10 games last year after biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic in a Premier League game and in 2010 he was suspended for seven games for biting PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal while playing for Ajax Amsterdam.

At the same time, his latest indiscretion sent the world's social media into meltdown and within minutes of the match ending #Suarez was the top trending hashtag on Twitter:

Suarez shouldn't be allowed to play in the rest of the world cup..biting people is out of order

Suarez with his incisors biting spree. .huh!

Apparantly Luis Suarez is replacing Daniel Sturridge in the Subway adverts..He has more of an appetite 4 biting into a hearty Italian!

Suarez should have to wear this rather than a ban 😂

This whole Suarez biting thing has been blown out of proportion. After weeks of Brazilian food he just fancied a bit of Italian #BanSuarez