'Taxi violence cases not properly probed'

Santaco says its calls for taxi violence cases to be properly investigated, are falling on deaf ears.

A man was killed en route from Khayelitsha to Delft on Thursday 4 October 2013 due to taxi violence between rival associations. Picture: Lauren Isaacs/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The South African National Taxi Council (Santaco) says its calls for taxi related violence cases to be properly investigated are falling on deaf ears.

The taxi council claims 61 taxi bosses and drivers have been gunned down nationally in the last two years, with seven fatalities in the last month alone.

Santaco's Sipho Centani says, "For now I think it is only God who will tell those helpers to bring the culprits to book so we can have peace. For now, there is no hope whatsoever within the police".

Santaco also criticised police, saying nobody has been jailed in connection with the murders.

Centani says officers have been given evidence in some cases.

"We gave them [police] video footage and we have given them telephone numbers of the culprits. Up until today, nobody has been arrested or brought to book."

In the latest incident, five people were wounded in a shootout in Seawinds near Muizenberg in Cape Town on Friday.

Two taxi drivers were among the injured.

At the same time, taxi violence flared up in Delft last week.