The lighter side of the 2014 World Cup

The internet has seen an explosion of tweets and memes aimed at creating a few laughs.

In a World Cup-related meme, 'Flying Dutchman' Robin van Persie flies of the statue Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, referencing his diving header goal against Spain from 13 June 2014. Picture: Twitter.

SÃO PAULO/JOHANNESBURG - The 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil has all but taken over Twitter since it kicked-off on Thursday.

Enormous figures have been released from the social media site, showing just how global the football spectacle really is.

With popular humour site 9GAG even creating a dedicated page for the World Cup, there have also been a number of memes aimed at the event.

Perhaps the most popular topic online has been Robin van Persie's remarkable diving header against Spain on Friday, which has since sparked a Twitter takeover.

Picture: Fifa.

After the 'Flying Dutchman' scored, more than 180,000 tweets were posted within the next 60 seconds.

Several photoshopped memes also appeared:

By the time the Netherlands had completed their 5-1 dismantling of the reigning World Cup champions, 8.3 million tweets relating to the match had been sent out around the world.

The figures were even higher on the day one of the competition, with many less than impressed with the opening ceremony.

Brazil went on to beat Croatia 3-1 that night, with more than 12.2 million tweets posted during the match.

That works out to almost 136,000 tweets per minute, making one wonder just how many tweets will be posted if the Samba Kings make it all the way to the final in Rio de Janeiro on 13 July.

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