Agang SA: Ramphele doesn't belong to this party

Some members have accused Mamphela Ramphele of having direct access to party funds.

Mamphela Ramphele. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng branch of Agang SA says all nine provincial branches are set to meet this afternoon to table a motion of no confidence against Mamphela Ramphele.

Some members have accused Ramphele of having direct access to party funds and called for the party leader to resign in light of the allegations.

This comes after it emerged this week the party's chairman Mike Tshishonga and Ramphele had registered conflicting fraud cases with the police to ascertain who opened an account for the party to receive a R200,000 refund from the Independent Electoral Commission ( IEC).

According to party insiders, the account was opened to directly access IEC deposits without a mandate from the party.

Gauteng spokesperson Donald Tontsi says, "She is not above the law. She clearly does not belong to this party. She clearly has sent the wrong message to the South African society.

"She has mislead them to say she is democratic, she is consulting she is accountable. She is responding as if she is a messiah. She is not."

Tontsi says the branch has had "no choice" but to formally request Ramphele to step down so an interim leader can carry the party towards an elective conference