Agang Gauteng: Ramphele must step aside

The Gauteng branch of Agang SA says the party leader should step aside pending legal action.

FILE: Mamphela Ramphele gestures as she speaks during the launch of Agang SA, Pretoria, 22 June 2013. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng branch of Agang SA has called for party leader Mamphela Ramphele to resign in light of allegations she had direct access to party funds.

It emerged this week party Chairperson Mike Tshishonga and Ramphele had registered conflicting fraud cases with the police to ascertain who fraudulently opened an account for the party.

According to party insiders, the account was opened to directly access Independent Election Commission deposits without a mandate from the party.

Agang SA leaders have convened a special national congress today to discuss the claims and to decide on a motion of no confidence against the businesswoman and academic.

"In actual fact, we are saying she must step down until further processes unfold both legally and in the internal processes of the party itself," explains Agang's Gauteng spokesperson Donald Tontsi.

"The development in the past few days has compromised the integrity of our leader. The authoritative threatening attitude towards our Deputy President and reluctance to meet with structures are clear signs of dictatorship."

Tontsi says the branch has "no choice" but to formally request Ramphele to step down so an interim leader can carry the party towards an elective conference.