'Ballsy' beauty draws US viewers to World Cup

Kia Motors America wants US fans to follow 'futbol', and not gridiron, for the next month.

Supermodel Adriana Lima

JOHANNESBURG - Soccer is known as the beautiful game and Kia Motors is using a Brazilian beauty to draw more Americans to watch the 2014 Fifa World Cup and, well, sell cars.

Supermodel Adriana Lima leads three Kia adverts aimed squarely at the US market.

In the ads, Lima leaves groups of males, both young and old, speechless as she urges them to watch 'futbol' (the Brazilian word for football) as opposed to gridiron and other traditional American sports.

In one of the inserts Lima cheekily transforms a 'man cave' by hanging replica jerseys and changing the television to show a soccer match.

In a second advert the Victoria's Secret angel walks into a nondescript American bar and changes the country music playing on the jukebox to Brazilian samba tunes. She then confidently walks up to the bar and changes the channel the patrons are watching, ending their Nascar viewing.

Lima is no newbie when it comes to fronting a television commercial; in 2008 her solo Victoria's Secret ad flighted during the Super Bowl was the most watched insert played during the final.

But the Brazilian's charms don't always work on soccer fans. In 2011, a survey on the Uefa Champions League revealed 52 percent of men would rather watch their favourite team win the tournament than go on a date with Lima.

The prelude to the World Cup has been characterised by an advertising battle, with some of the biggest multinationals releasing commercials online as they aim to attract some of the billions of people who will be watching the global soccer tournament.

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