'Animal crush' teens not yet charged

Action is yet to be taken against two girls from a video which involves killing goldfish and a sex act.

Action is yet to been taken against two girls in a video which involves killing goldfish and a sex act. Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN - It remains to be seen if any action will be taken against two Cape Town schoolgirls implicated in a video involving the killing of goldfish coupled with a sex act.

The video, which is globally referred to as 'animal crush', is being circulated online and on social media, shows one of the girls killing goldfish while performing oral sex on a male who's recording the video.

It's understood the two girls are pupils at Edgemead High School, but authorities are struggling to identify a male who also features in the video.

Cape Town Child Welfare has issued a stern warning to teenagers to be responsible when using social media sites and cellphones.

Child Welfare's Niresh Ramklass says, "Even if children did this voluntarily, they're underage and it's illegal for them to be participating in this act. The fact is that they should not and are not allowed to be doing this, in terms of the law."

At the same time, the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) says it is considering laying animal cruelty charges against the two girls.

The SPCA's Allan Perrins said, "We did receive a complaint. We're still in the process of examining the evidence and viewing the video footage in order to determine which sections of the Animal Protection Act have been contravened. But we are almost certain charges will be laid for cruelty to animals."

He says, "We were told that these youngsters were paid R1,500 each to participate in the shooting of what they call an 'animal crush' video. We certainly want to put a stop to this."

Meanwhile, the Western Cape Education Department says the two pupils are allowed to continue writing their exams at this stage.