Nomzamo residents relocated to Blackheath

Residents who were forcibly evicted from Nomzamo are being relocated to Blackheath today.

Nomzamo rubble after forced evictions on 4 June 2014. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Hundreds of informal settlers from Nomzamo, who were evicted from their homes in the township near Strand last week, are expected to be relocated to Blackheath today.

Dozens of families were forcibly removed from their homes on a piece of land owned by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) last week.

The roads agency had obtained a court interdict for the removal of Nomzamo residents, as they were squatting on the land illegally.

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Police moved in on the township last Monday, destroying residents' homes while most were at work and their children at school, unaware of the eviction taking place.

Some in the community even clashed with police over the forced eviction, prompting a protest that saw the burning down of some shack dwellings.

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This move by Sanral, in the middle of a cold front in the Western Cape, triggered an outcry and prompted government to intervene.

Earlier today, Nomzamo residents were addressed by community leaders about the relocation process, where they were informed they are to be moved to land in Blackheath, north of Cape Town.

Many have been housed in a community hall since last week's eviction process and say they are grateful for the relocation but have emphasised they want their own homes.

Some say they are anxious to start rebuilding their shacks before nightfall, as another cold front settles in over the Western Cape.

After being addressed by a community leader and officials, a large crowd left the community hall and are now en route to Blackheath.