Malmesbury: Protesters pelt police with rocks

Angry residents from the Lingelethu township are protesting for better housing.

Barricade placed in Wesbank during Malmesbury unrest on 6 June 2014. Picture: AlettaGardner/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape police officers in Malmesbury have had to duck and dive this morning, as they come sporadic attack by angry residents who are protesting over housing issues.

Some protesters are pelting policemen with rocks.

Officers are decked out in full riot gear and have formed a human chain of sorts in the street as they try to bring the situation under control.

Schools in the area are closed for the day and some children are watching the violence play out.

The police's Lorencial Johnson says, "Early this morning riots occurred where about 800 protesters took to the streets to demand better housing. The police took action and the crowd has been dispersed."

Angry locals also tried to torch a municipal office in the town.

A rubber bullet shell is seen on the ground as police were trying to disperse protesters in Malmesbury on 6 June 2014. Picture: AlettaGardner/EWN.

A section of the N7 Highway was closed earlier today as a precaution, due to the protest, but has since been reopened.

Police are trying to restore calm in the township.