Mugged mountain biker grateful to police

Malcolm Fox recorded being mugged at gunpoint on Sir Lowry’s Pass with his GoPro camera.

Mountainbike gunpoint robbery in Somerset West. Picture: Youtube

CAPE TOWN - A Cape Town mountain biker, w ho was robbed at gunpoint, says he is grateful for the police's swift action.

Malcolm Fox's entire ordeal was caught on his GoPro camera which was strapped to his helmet as he rode on Sir Lowry's Pass on Saturday.

The footage has also been posted on YouTube.

The video shows Fox being confronted by three men, one of whom was armed with a gun.

The men held him him up and made off with his bike and other personal belongings.

But they didn't steal his GoPro.

At least one of the suspects can be clearly identified in the footage as well.

All three suspects have since been arrested.

Fox says he is relieved he wasn't hurt.

"When it happened I thought what goes through anybody's mind is what's going to happen? Are they are going to take this thing further? Are you going to see your family again? And I was very shocked when they told me to just walk away."

Watch: Mountainbike robbery caught on film