Sanral fails to prove e-tag sales figures

ASA has banned two adverts which claimed that 1.2 million e-tags had been sold.

ASA has banned two Sanral adverts which claimed that 1.2 million e-tags had been sold. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) today ordered the immediate withdrawal of two adverts run by the South African National Roads Agency Limited ( Sanral).

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance and two other organisations lodged a complaint against the e-tolling ads in which the agency thanked South Africans for buying 1.2 million e- tags.

ASA ruled in favour or the complainants, finding that the claim was unsubstantiated and misleading.

"First, they gave us a request for an extension, which we said was fine. But once the time had lapsed they still hadn't given us any evidence," explained ASA Manager for Dispute Resolutions Leon Grobler.

"They kept promising it but they never delivered, so we ultimately had to go ahead and rule without it."

However, Grobler said Sanral is still allowed to submit proof if it is found.

"If they give us new evidence, we'll happily take a look at it and make a new decision if need be."

Sanral spokesperson Vusi Mona said the agency will comply with the ruling.

"We are disturbed by the ruling but ASA are within their rights to make the adjustment," he admitted.

"What concerns us is that it would seem we are expected to first have our numbers audited so that we can communicate them,"continued Mona.

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