More DRC women raped in custody

Victims say they are being gang-raped while being held on political charges.

FILE: Refugees from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Picture:AFP

CAPE TOWN - A British charity says rape is being used in the Democratic Republic of Congo to silence women dissidents.

More than half of the Congolese women surveyed by the organisaiotn, Freedom from Torture, said they've been raped in custody.

The report from the London based Freedom from Torture calls on the Kinshasa government to meet its commitments under the United Nations convention against torture. Its research from 34 forensic studies finds that women in detention are routinely raped.

The victims are aged between 15 and 61 years. They are either being active themselves or were been related to political dissidents.

The victims range from traders to graduates, to professionals. They maintain they been violated to silence them as critics of government.